Phantom Ships

phantomshipsTo mark the 400th anniversary of the founding of Acadia being celebrated in 2004, this award-winning historical novel is now available from XYZ in both French and English editions.

Novelist and poet Claude Le Bouthillier draws on his Acadian and New Brunswick heritage to create Phantom Ships. First published in 1989 as Le Feu du Mauvais Temps, it gives an account of the end of the French Empire in Canada as experienced by the author’s own ancestor, Joseph Le Bouthillier.

Phantom Ships takes readers back to the final years of the French colony in America : to its joys, its hardship, and its defeats. It is a novel full of adventure and romance, of the love between men and women and the love of the Acadian and Native peoples for their land. Phantom Ships pays tribute to the Acadian’s obstinate resistance and serves as a reminder of dark period in their past : that of the deportation.

Phantom Ships, Dundurn Press, 2004. ISBN13:9781894852098

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